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Asset Management

There is no one right way of managing money that fits every person. Summit’s approach is, therefore, custom tailored to the unique needs of each individual client. All facets of our clients’ financial picture are considered in building custom portfolios that can take into account cash flow projections, income needs, estate planning issues, tax strategies and retirement plans.

We are not market timers, and do not believe that market timing can – over the long run – add value. We are not stock pickers, and do not try to chase the “hot” investment of the day. Rather, our investment approach is based on a relatively conservative, deliberate system of diversification forged from Summit's "Serve First" philosophy.

Our role in order of priority is:

1. To preserve what you’ve worked hard to build.
2. To invest these funds in a manner that is designed to generate sufficient retirement income when needed.
3. To pursue after-tax growth of capital designed to outpace inflation.

Through our affiliated registered investment advisor Summit Asset Management, LLC, we have developed LEVEL 7 PORTFOLIOS, an innovative and proprietary fee-only investment program designed to provide diversification across broad asset classes and to blend assets that tend to have low correlation.  This approach was created to, over time, reduce volatility without sacrificing rate of return and is accomplished with the use of no-load, institutional class and load-waived mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETF's), individual stocks and laddered bonds.