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Comprehensive Financial Planning

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Comprehensive planning is at the core of all we do. The overriding premise of our plans is that each seemingly different element of one’s financial situation is ultimately related, and without proper planning this lack of coordination can lead to unintended results and sometimes even conflict.

Our plans begin with a measurement of the existing (financial) situation. Then, with a complete understanding of the current situation – from assets to pensions to cash flow to legal documents, tax returns, debt structure, family data, health, etc. – we build sophisticated financial models that project forward various possible scenarios. With this understanding of where you are now, we can then agree on very specific short and long term goals and objectives. From there we can work to determine appropriate solutions and strategies to pursue these goals.

From the design phase, we then move on to work with one’s existing advisors to oversee implementation of the plan. We take responsibility for coordinating one’s various advisors – from attorneys to accountants and insurance agents, bankers, etc. When a decision is made in one area, its impact on all other financial areas must be measured in order to end up with a smoothly working plan.

Once the design is agreed upon and the plan is implemented, it must be pro-actively monitored and managed. Markets move, tax laws change, children’s needs evolve, so, we help our clients adjust their plans at each juncture and through every phase of their planning.