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History, Mission and Philosophy

Founded in 1995, Summit Planning Group brings together a diverse group of advisors who strive to meet our clients sophisticated wealth management needs. Our planners have varied backgrounds in accounting, finance, tax, investments, etc., and on average have 25 years of financial planning experience. We understand it takes such a multi-faceted group to coordinate the diverse elements of a client’s complex financial situation into one smoothly working, inter-related plan.

“Serve First” is the Lincoln Financial Network philosophy we adhere to. In practice, this means understanding our client as a person, practicing the art of “active listening” to learn his or her concerns, hopes and dreams. Our work centers our clients’ goals, while not trying to conform their planning needs to a uniform model or latest financial product.

An independent organization, Summit develops financial plans customized to each client’s particular circumstances. Our plans recommend no proprietary products. Our fee-for-service structure enhances objectivity.  We can also help them sort through the universe of specific investment and insurance vehicles that we believe meet their needs.  Summit's recognized wealth management experience provides our clients on-going guidance for the accumulation and preservation of their investment assets.

Our clients appreciate our independence. They take comfort in the fact that we, as entrepreneurs, relate to their circumstances. We are committed to developing long-term relationships, educating them in the relevant aspects of financial planning. Implementation of the plan is critical, because without it, the client derives no benefit.

Many of our clients have trusted long-term relationships with other advisors. Our work is designed to organize, supplement and coordinate the services these advisors provide. While each of your existing advisors is a focused specialist, we look at the various pieces of your financial plan and put them together by using a cross-disciplinary approach to assessing your needs and pursuing your objectives.

Market fluctuations, expanding and contracting tax and pension laws, ever-changing economic news and a staggering proliferation of financial products can lead to confusion and indecision. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand our clients and communicate complex ideas in a straightforward, simple format. Because we deliver advice in this way, many of our new clients come to us via referrals from existing clients.